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The gateway to the European 2wheel market

Moteo at a glance

+350 brands distributed in 9 countries

+60.000 sku's on stock, +6.000 parcels shipped to dealers

+18.000 vehicles in stock, +45.000 vehicles distributed annually

+10.000 dealers across Europe

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Brand stories

Long term relationship built on mutual trust and results

Moteo was the first European distributor for Suzuki Motorcycles. Today after 50 years the relationship between Moteo and Suzuki is still very strong and has expanded significantly;

  • Distributor Suzuki Motorcycles in 3 countries
  • Distributor Suzuki Cars in 2 countries
  • Over 60.000 Suzuki motorcycles sold in the last 50 years

Value through our Expertise and close cooperation

SYM has worked very closely with Moteo over the past years to launch its products in Europe. Through the European expertise from Moteo, SYM was able to adapt their products to the European context very quickly. Today SYM has an important market share in the most scooter countries in Europe.

Today Moteo is distributing SYM scooters in 5 European markets and sells over 23.000 units annually. Moteo still works very closely with SYM in developing new scooters for the European market and ensuring that SYM remains on the forefront new technology such as electrical scooters; 

World class supplier relations

Moteo is the world's oldest export customer of Shoei helmets. Today, Moteo is still the exclusive distributor of Shoei helmets in Sweden through Duells, an exclusive relation for over 80 years. It's a reference of Moteo's long term view on supplier relations.


P&A Europe

P&A, European market leader in the distribution of aftermarket parts and accesoiries continuously striving for improvements in brand and product portfolio optimalisation.

2wheel distribution

+100.000 units sold

SYM has recently a world leading manufacturer of scooters.  Moteo is distributing SYM for over 10 years in Europe

+56.000 units sold

Peugeot scooters a leading European manufacturer of scooters in Europe. Moteo has distributed Peugeot scooters for over 30 Years

+60.000 units sold

Suzuki is a famous Japanase powersports brand distributed globally. Moteo has had a unique relation with Suzuki for over 50 years.

units sold

Moteo has much more unit brands that it distributes through different countries. 




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